New York Coffee Festival 

School will always be the reason that I never post on time! Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go to the New York Coffee Festival with a group of friends and it was super fun. We had a chance to learn about different types of roasts, beans, and even upcycled products made of coffee. Take a peak at some of my favorite shots below:

Jackie waiting in line for a pie from Tuck Shop.

Behind the counter with some of the vendors making espresso.

#Steampunkcoffeemachine, a piece designed by Peter Michael Charles Harris.

Jackie waiting for the demonstration to start.

IMG_5314.jpegAnthony eyeing the snacks in the back.

IMG_0395.jpeg*THE* Tony Luke serving up a decadent dessert pizza with sweet and savory components.

IMG_6971.jpegA periodic table that I definitely wouldn’t mind memorizing.

Have you gone on any adventures or done any cool things late? Let me know on or in the comments below!

– TS℞

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