Family Ties

A stroll down the banks of the Old Raritan with Parth, my brother from Chi Psi, fresh off his takeover of the Rutgers Instagram!

1. How would you describe your style and what does style mean to you? – “I would describe my style as a rendition of modern prep— I draw inspiration from classic and timeless pieces and hope to integrate them in a manner that is refined yet functional. Style transcends the confines of a wardrobe— it serves as an extension of the values that you embody and hope to come in contact with. Crafting your individual style is a constant exercise, yet it should be reflective of the impression that you’d like to make throughout your day-to-day affairs. My friends and family chide me for always wearing a collar of some sort, but that’s because I never know who or what the day will bring— e.g. the love of my life (I’m waiting).”

2. What are your favorite brands? – “I swear by Polo Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Brooks Brothers, as they compose of the usual suspects in my closet. From suiting to socks, each brand in the aforementioned trio boasts a unique collection, and I value certain items from certain brands. Each brand tends to have its own comparative advantage, it’s all about tapping into a feature that you happen to fancy. I have a particular affinity for J. Crew because of its trim fit. Additionally, I love venturing out to brands that embody a classic feel— allowing the piece to be worn in a variety of fashions. For example, I came across the brand Hillflint (sweater above) after witnessing some of my favorite Instagrammers wear it.”

3. Any style tips you want to share with readers? – “It’s easy to sometimes get lost in the intricacies of fashion and the mundane aspects of dressing yourself. However, there are three main tips that I’d like to put forth: Style should always cater to the individual, comfort is key. Besides investing in quality and long-lasting pieces, it’s also worth noting that the fit of the piece is essential – purchasing a piece of clothing that fits you well is the cardinal rule.While it may seem excessive or useless, I highly suggest in tailoring certain pieces or buying clothes off the rack that have that feel. On another note— dress for first impressions— every outfit should always represent a story.”

4. Biggest style mistake you’ve made? – “Ah, my biggest style mistake has to have been between middle school and high school when I proudly and almost religiously wore Abercrombie and Hollister around the clock. My mom would always shop for my dad and my grandpa at Polo Ralph Lauren and I would be relentlessly opposed to even entertaining the notion of jumping on board. Moral of the story- your mom is always right— and it’s always a thrill to go shopping with your mom.”

Blazer: H&M

Sweater: Hillflint

Pants: J. Crew

Loafers: G.H. Bass.

Parth is currently a senior at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick majoring in Political Science & Journalism and will be joining Accenture as a Management Consulting Analyst in New York City post-graduation. You can follow him on Instagram @parthshingala.

– TS℞

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