Hanamizuki Cafe

After a fruitless search for matcha cafes to grab a quick sip before dinner, my cousin, brother, and I stumbled upon Hanamizuki Cafe. The venue itself is beautifully decorated; distressed furniture, menus on chalkboards, murals and wall art interspersed with greenery and succulents all made for a wonderful atmosphere. The restaurant is on the smaller side with regard to seating, with tables that sit only 2-4 at a time. However, there are high-top chairs with bar seating on the side of the cafe.

Hanamizuki Cafe

Hanamizuki CafeSince we were about to eat dinner, we opted for tea and a few snacks. The matcha swiss roll definitely satisfied my matcha craving; light and airy but with a custard that was distinctly matcha flavored but not too bitter. The black sesame shortbread was a nice surprise; more crumbly than buttery, and with nice nutty flavor from the black sesame that paired well with my chamomile-lavender tea.Hanamizuki Cafe | Chamomile-lavender teaLastly, the coffee jelly – my favorite of the trio. Although I wasn’t expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised by this dessert. The coffee flavor was robust and made it feel very substantial. With a creamy pudding on the top and bottom and kinako (roasted soy beans) sprinkled overhead, this dessert felt like a grown-up version Jello pudding cup with all the flavors of a latte.

Matcha swiss roll cake | Coffee jelly with milk pudding and kinako | black sesame shortbread cookie
Matcha swiss roll cake | Coffee jelly with milk pudding and kinako | black sesame shortbread cookie

Although the food was a little on the pricier side for its size, Hanamizuki is worth the trip if you’re looking to treat yourself to a few snacks with a friend! 4/5

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– TS℞

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