Clinician’s Closet: Tammarah

Happy National Women Physician Day! Today marks the birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, the United States’ first woman physician. In 1849, Blackwell was accepted into medical school as a joke. While we have made great strides since then, the fight for equality still goes on. Read further to learn more about an amazing physician-to-be, my friend Tammarah.

National Women Physician Day

  • How would you describe your style? – In my non-professional life, I usually rock a tomboy style–snaps backs, tanks, and jeans. Professionally, I like to wear women’s clothing with a masculine flair, for example collar blouses and trousers.
  • What are your favorite brands? – My favorite brands are H&M, Gap, and Wildfang when I can afford it.

National Women Physician Day

  • Do you have any style tips you want to share? – Humans always look their best when they wear what makes them feel comfortable.
  • What has been your biggest style mistake? – Flannel on flannel #sorrynotsorry
  • What do you like to do outside of school? – Running has always been a passion of mine and it definitely keeps me grounded during the ups and downs of school and life! I love the simplicity of it–putting one foot in front of the other—and yet at the same time it’s challenges are always an exercise in humility. The best part of it is that it always manages to get me outside after a long day of classes!!

Tammarah has run two marathons in the past two years and aspires to qualify for the Boston Marathon one day!

Blouse & Pants: H&M

– TS℞

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