Spring Transitions with Timex

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Timex to showcase their Waterbury timepiece, a classic and understated watch that is perfect for the spring.

Timex Waterbury watch with leather band
“Meet the next generation of classic. Our roots date back to 1854 in Waterbury, CT and this ageless style, with a meticulously stitched tan leather band, silver-tone steel case and cream dial, honors our heritage of pure craftsmanship and authentic watchmaking.”

I decided to write about incorporating this watch into a spring outfit. As you may have noticed, athleisure has stepped up as fashion’s latest trend. The incorporation of athletic and loungewear into everyday outfits has become the norm. Although I started dressing like this for comfort and for ease of transition to going to the gym after class, athleisure is now a style in its own right. It’s also the perfect style for layering during the transition between winter and spring when you’re freezing in the morning and sweating by the afternoon. I knew my love for joggers was leading me down the right path. Let me show you my spring style below.

Olive green bomber jacket from Uniqlo

The Waterbury’s sporty design lends itself nicely to the high-low of athleisure. Here, I partnered it with Uniqlo’s MA-1 Bomber Jacket, a light yet sturdy piece for staving off the lingering winter winds. I’ve also seen a lot of greens/olive/earth tones popping up lately for both men and women. The Waterbury’s leather band adds a warm pop of color that contrasts nicely with this palette.

Olive green bomber jacket from Uniqlo with Timex Waterbury Watch

My favorite part of the look is what I call the “dad sweatshirt.” My go-to crew neck is actually an inexpensive and simple piece by Hanes, perfect for both the gym and putting underneath a layered outfit. Whatever your brand, get a neutral color like gray or navy that won’t compete with your statement pieces.

The look isn’t complete without jeans and sneakers. Light wash denim completes the dad look, but getting a slim fit cut will prevent you from looking like you just stumbled into your own father’s closet (sorry pops). For footwear, I opted for Adidas Stan Smiths in all white. Neutrals are the name of the game here, since I like to add an unexpected pattern and pop of color with my socks (which are mustache patterned, courtesy of Sprezzabox for William and Sterling).

Fashion blogger posing in Old City Philadelphia

As you can see, comfort (and warmth) is king. If you like what you see here, be sure to check out the rest of Timex’s Waterbury collection here. Show me what you are wearing this spring. As always, leave a comment below and be sure to show me some love on Instagram!

– TS℞

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