Time Flies

“Time flies”

It’s a trite stock phrase we often hear around graduation time. Unfortunately, it’s all too true. Yesterday, I saw my brother graduate with his bachelor’s from arguably the best nursing school in the world, becoming my family’s first Ivy League graduate. I don’t think I can underscore enough what that means for us – the sons of immigrants who sacrificed everything to get me and my brother to where we are today. As proud as I am of his accomplishments, I can’t help but think of him as the little toddler that used to follow me around and bother me. Now that he’s all grown up, he’s on to bigger and better things like saving lives and stopping traffic to take pictures 😉  Where does the time go?

JORD Wood Watches

You may not be able to reverse time or slow it down, but you you can watch time fly in style. I’m partnering with JORD Watches this spring for another contest. My timepiece is a Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy watch from the Conway series (click the link to learn more). Sandalwood has a long history of use for its aromatic, warm, woody scent. My favorite part of watch is actually its smell! As someone who cooks and experiences the world with my sense of olfaction, it truly is an awesome feature to have in a watch.


Many fashion chronograph watches on the market just have the chronograph look on the face. The JORD Conway is a true operating chronograph stopwatch that uses the Citizen Miyota 0S10/0S1A movement. If you want to get your hands on one, I’m including a link to the giveaway here (click link). The winner will receive a $100 E Gift Code to the JORD shop, and all other entrants will receive a $25 E Gift Code just for signing up. The contest closes on 11:59 PM on Friday, May 19 so sign up today!


Stop by my Instagram and let me know which watch is your favorite. Good luck with the contest!

– TS℞

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

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